Bluesin' On In the Bitter Root

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Re: Is he any good

From: bad boy
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Date: 28 Sep 2006
Time: 03:16:56


Cool WC sounds like we are on the same wave-lenght. Glad to hear you are getting a receptive audience. No, I haven't heard your group yet but look foward to it. I did throw a bit of sh*t up on the site, just to stir things up a bit, get a little something going on the site. I certainly do wish all the bands in the area the best at playing and promoting the blues. And true, not all the bands in the area are up to snuff, and sometimes it does erk me a bit, when performers use music to stoke their own ecos, and are into that 'star search' mentality, seems like they have it in their mind that they are the next blues god. It's that 'pop music' thing creeping into the blues. You know the Kenny Wayne what's his name and Johnny Wang...excuse my comments please...but that stuff is crap. Yup I know lot's a folks like 'em but...that Wang boy should be arrested for impersonating a black man, or at least doing a lousy impersonation of one. He ought to just break out the black face cork like Al Jolson (bless his soul) and smear his face. I mean really, that is the kind of stuff I find insulting. Not to mention his guitar playing sucks. That is the worst Ray Charles imitation I've heard since Joe CockFace (Cocker) But the masses eat it up. There are lots of good blues players out there, funny how those blues god teen idols get the lion's share of the attention, Johnny Wang boy couldn't sniff a fart from Coco Montoya's ass, to put it bluntly. Coco is just a monster player/singer, But then again no one ever went broke under-estimating the bad taste of the Amercian public. Well man, I live a bit out of the way but I will have to catch one of your gigs at some point. Keep the faith .................

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