Bluesin' On In the Bitter Root

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Re: Is he any good

From: WC Worth
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Date: 27 Sep 2006
Time: 12:51:50


OK, Bad Boy, I might have a clue about what you're talking about. I have played guitar for 41 years, paying not a few dues on the way. I didn't really sing until 10 years ago, when a talented surgeon pulled a large polyp out of my throat. Before that, my singing voice was really embarrasing. I would hear recording of me singing and would swear, "Never again."

Among my numerous character flaws is a hypertrophied sense of humor; I just can't resist having a little fun. My non-sequitor comments were not meant to offend.

I do not sing in an imitation voice; I sing in my own voice, and so do the other singers in our band. Our vocals probably sound more like Paul Butterfield than Muddy Water.

I was trying to fing out if you have ever heard our band, "Greenhouse Effect," and hoping it wasn't us that ispired your comments. We don't intend to sing in any faked voices, and we don't want to turn people off to the blues. We switch rythyms, keys, and progressions in an effort to keep from sounding the same on every tune. Our auidiences are increasing and are very complimentary, so we believe we are turning them on. We don't thing we're there to play the blues; we think we're there to entertain. However, our music is deeply based in the blues, and, if people don;t like blues, they're not going to like us.

I agree with you that some blues musicians in the area are truely overrated and do exactly as you say. I play for fun; for the joy of it. The audiences are increasing, from August 18th to September 8th to September 22. The last show, people danced in our first set, which has not happened to us before. Alright, it was just the women, but I like to watch them dance. The guys needed some ethanol based courage before they danced, later in the second set, as they discovered, porobably to their chagrin, that, if they want to make an assignation, they better get up and dance. Come hear us at the Union Cluib in Missoula on October 27th, 9:30 to 1:30, then tell me what you think. And, believe me, there's nothing quite as embarrassing to me as listening to a blues band that isn't a blues band, but really, really, oh gosh really think they are.

I hope you'll come hear us and tell us what you think. It may not be blues, but our custom is increasing.

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