Bluesin' On In the Bitter Root

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Re: Is he any good

From: Bad Boy
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Date: 26 Sep 2006
Time: 12:36:00


WC...I don't think you have a clue what I'm talking about. So your comments are null and void, meaning they have nothing to do with what I said. My comment in reference to art, were in response to the guy who said he didn't know if he was singing on two notes or not, etc...My response was simply that if you were into visual art and you couldn't tell the difference between two colors or were color blind, the comparasion to music ment you were tone-deaf. Second the reference to 'psuedo negro' voice simply ment one is trying to sing by inmatating a black person's voice, in timber, quality, accent,ect... Would you in conversation with the audience while on stage start talking like a black person (assuming you are white), If you did I would find that insulting, just talk in your normal voice, be honest with your audience and like wise sing the same way. Personally when listening to blues, I find it very irratating to hear people sing in what is an obvious 'put-on' black voice. You are there to sing the blues not pretend you are a black man. And that is by no means a dig on blacks, so don't even go there. I love the blues and have for some 50 years now, and I really don't care if the artist black, white, or chinese, my beef is, if someone wants to play the blues learn how to do it before climb on stage, god knows we've got enough of those type, as Sleep John sang..."I been studying so long on how to sing these blues". Paying your dues put in the time and learning how to do it right. It seems every guitar things he can play the blues because he knows the penotonic scale, if it was that simple they'd also be able to play classical music because they know a major scale, the whole notion is naive. Playing good blues is not an easy thing to do, and contrary to popular beleif just because you have some inhert feeling doesn't transform you into a blues player. Bad blues bands turn more people off to the blues than they turn on....a lot of people after hearing so many of these so-called blues bands saying..."oh no blues, it all sounds the same"..the problem is that most if not all the blues they've been exposed to is this psuedo stuff around here. Blues deserves a bit more than a bunch of shoddy musicians climbing on stage calling themshelve a blues band. I don't think that is so hard to understand.

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