Bluesin' On In the Bitter Root

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Re: Is he any good

From: WC Worth
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Date: 22 Sep 2006
Time: 15:36:28


I don't know if you ever heard Greenhouse Effect. I can't tell you if I sing in a pseudo black voice, or play the pentatonic scale, or hit just the first and fifth notes, 'cause I don't know what any of that means. I can't read music and, what's more, I just don't care. Whether it's blues, white boy sings the blues, white boy stole the blues, rock and roll, or just plain noise, I like it, so I play it. Other people like it, so they listen. Bar owners like it, so they buy it. But whether it's quality blues or not, I couldn't say. Feel free to critic; we have several Union Club dates. You won't hurt my feelings cause I have broad shoulders, although my butt and my waist are even larger.

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